Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Back to work

After seeing the RITUALS exhibit last week and attending the festival, I couldn’t wait to get back to the studio to start working again. I am at the beginning stages with a new piece and I am consumed by it. I want to work on it every spare minute of the day and night. This is a good thing. When things are going right, I can’t spend enough time in the studio. I stay up late. I think about my work when I am driving. I talk about it incessantly. Of course when it is not quite working I can procrastinate with the best of them. I want to avoid the studio at all costs. This has been something I have been working on over the past year. Even when I am struggling, I force myself to go “do the work anyway”. I know that eventually I will figure things out. I just need to put in the effort and that means getting into the studio. 

But today, things are going well and I have reached a point where I am in the groove. I am past the early stuff that I don’t enjoy as much—setting up my workspace, washing fabrics, creating patterns for important elements, and establishing the foundation. Today I am sewing, and it is exciting to see things develop. As I start sewing, I get to see if my fabric choices are really coming together. I see what needs tweaking. I stab myself a thousand times on straight pins. And I relish every minute.


Jane LaFazio said...

ooh, looks like you're a planner. A chart and everything.

Lisa Kijak said...

lol I know. I am kind of crazy during the planning phase. Plus I like keeping a record of what fabrics were used in each piece.

Gretchen S. said...

My favorite part of this blog was seeing your handwriting again on that chart in the photo. I miss it! It was the logotype on your resume and so interesting and unique - when just your writing says that, you know the person behind is has to be special. I love this work you have found yourself doing. I am a fan, old AND new. :)